Modular Photonics specializes in mode-selective solutions for multimode fiber networks. Our technology can be used in data centers and other local area networks to increase the capacity and reach of the existing multimode fiber backbone. Our plug and play modules allow for multiple data channels to be transmitted on different modes on the existing fiber, or single-mode transmission across multimode fiber.

Multimode Fiber Networks: The LPMUX, LPMUX-R and OMPlex series of mode selective devices allow for the future proofing of your OM multimode fiber networks. Modular Photonics offers rack-based solutions for your data center needs, allowing for cost-effective, state-of-the-art Data Rate x Transmission Range enhancements on the existing legacy OM fiber without the need for recabling.

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 Research & Teaching: The LPMUX series of mode multiplexers can be used for Research & Teaching purposes relating to mode-division multiplexing, fiber sensing and nonlinear optics.



Multimode Fiber Networks

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