Rack-Based Mode Multiplexers (LPMUX-R Series):

Unleashing the full potential of existing multimode fiber infrastructure.

The rapidly growing data demand, driven by machine learning, cloud computing, virtual reality and high definition media streaming, means that existing multimode optical fiber infrastructure has reached its capacity limit. Multimode optical fibers are inherently limited in their capacity and reach. Multimode optical fibers find extensive use as backbones in Data Centers and large buildings and multi-building campuses such as Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, etc. Their widespread use is due to their relatively low cost, in particular with respect to endpoint hardware. To date costly re-cabling, resulting in building works and service interruptions, has required in order to upgrade the fiber capacity.


Modular Photonics offers a simple plug-in rack-based solution (LPMUX-R Series) that greatly enhances the capacity of existing fiber infrastructures. It allows for effortless installation and does not require electrical connections.

Mode-division multiplexing

Modular Photonics’ technology is based on mode-division multiplexing. Multimode fibers support a large number of spatially defined optical propagation modes. Mode-division multiplexing accesses these modes and utilizes them as individual data channels. The absence of modal dispersion enables single-mode fiber performance across multimode optical fibers. Mode-division multiplexing offers a practical and efficient means of increasing the bandwidth of existing optical multimode fiber infrastructure.
                                                 The LPMUX-R Series of mode multiplexers. 

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