The LPMUX Series of mode multiplexers offer state-of-the-art performance in terms of all key performance metrics. The latest LPMUX3-1550 device allows for cost-effective multiplexing of the LP01, LP11a and LP11b modes of a few-mode fiber across the S+C+L bands. The insertion losses are typically around 1-2 dB, the crosstalk is as low as -25 dB, and the mode extinction ratios are > 18 dB.

The inputs are standard single-mode fiber (SMF-28e+) that are connectorized with FC/PC connectors (or user-specified). The output few-mode fiber is commercially-available Dual-Mode fiber, allowing for ‘plug and play’ use. The devices are packaged in a rigid plastic (or aluminium) casing, resulting in a robust and compact device for use in mode multiplexing applications.

The LPMUX3-1550 can be used to increase the bandwidth of Data Centers using the existing multimode fiber backbone.  The ‘plug and play’ functionality allows for effortless connection to existing Data Center Networks.  Contact us for a Test to future proof your multimode fiber network.


LPMUX3-1550 Spatial Mode Multiplexer. 

Key Features

  •       Compact Integrated Device + Data Center Ready
  •       Suitable for High-Power Applications (tested to 1 W CW)
  • Wideband Performance (beyond S+C+L Bands).
    • Note: Custom Wavelength Ranges also possible (600-1700 nm).
  • > 18 dB Mode Coupling Ratios.
  • > 18 dB Mode Extinction Ratios. 
  • Insertion Loss ~1-2 dB.
  • Polarization Dependent Loss < 0.1 dB.