The LPMUX Series of mode multiplexers offer state-of-the-art performance in terms of all key performance metrics. The LPMUX3-1550 device allows for cost-effective multiplexing of the LP01, LP11a and LP11b modes of a few-mode fibre across the S+C+L bands. The insertion losses are typically around 1-2 dB, the crosstalk is as low as -25 dB, and the mode extinction ratios are > 18 dB.

The inputs are standard single-mode fibre (SMF-28e+) that are connectorized with FC/PC connectors (but can be user-specified). The output few-mode fibre is commercially-available Dual-Mode fibre, allowing for ‘plug and play’ use. The devices are packaged in a rigid aluminium casing, resulting in a robust and compact device for use in mode multiplexing applications.











Key Features

  •       Compact Integrated Device 
  •       Suitable for High-Power Applications (tested to 1 W CW)
  • Wideband Performance (beyond S+C+L Bands).
    • Note: Custom Wavelength Ranges also possible (600-1700 nm).
  • > 18 dB Mode Coupling Ratios.
  • > 18 dB Mode Extinction Ratios. 
  • Insertion Loss ~1-2 dB.
  • Polarization Dependent Loss < 0.1 dB.