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Modular Photonics is pleased to announce it will be showcasing its technology at CeBIT Australia during 15-17 May.
We will be located at the CeBIT StartUp Exhibition zone.







Modular Photonics will be showcasing their technology at the upcoming Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) in the San Diego Convention Center. Come along and check out our latest products at Booth 6012 from 13 – 15 March.







Modular Photonics is honoured to have received 2 awards at the recent Tech23 event in Sydney including the Austrade Going Global Award.






Modular Photonics is proud to announce it will be showcasing its technology at the Australian Institute of Physics’ 2017 Industry Day in Sydney on Thursday 9 November.





CEO Michael Withford will be showcasing Modular Photonics at the Spark Festival in Sydney on Monday 16th October.

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Modular Photonics’ OMPlex retrofit technology for increasing the capacity of legacy multimode OM fibre networks has gained significant interest at this year’s BICSI Sydney event.








Modular Photonics’ ECOC booth which included a live 40G demo over 2 km of OM1 fibre using its OMPlex retrofit technology gained significant interest at this year’s Exhibition in Goteburg, Sweden.










Modular Photonics has been invited to present at Tech23 in Sydney on October 10.
Tech23 is an annual forum for investors and tech companies.





Modular Photonics hosted a showcase event with industry leaders in Sydney on August 9 to formally launch its new technology which enables a 100x boost in data transmission rates (40G) over legacy multimode fibre networks.








Modular Photonics is proud to announce the fabrication of the first integrated mode-selective few-mode multicore fibre mux capable of addressing the individual modes of a few-mode multicore  fibre. The work has been published in Scientific Reports. The compact multiplexers operate across the S+C+L telecommunications bands and allow for the simultaneous multiplexing of the LP01, LP11a and LP11b modes of all cores in a 3-mode, 4-core fibre with excellent mode extinction ratios and low insertion losses. The technology could readily be extended to fibres with more cores and more modes to allow for ultra-high capacity data transmission.

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Modular Photonics CEO Mick Withford presents a plenary keynote presentation at the 5th IAPLE Conference in Kos, Greece. The title of his talk is: “Ultrafast laser written photonics: out of the lab and into the market.”





Modular Photonics welcomes you to visit us at ECOC 2017 (September 18-20) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our products will be on display at Booth # 105.






Modular Photonics announces OMPlex, a compact device connecting to the ends of OM1-4 multimode fibre that allows for single-mode performance extending the transmission length to several kilometres for 10G, 40G and beyond. The technology relies on the exclusive excitation of the fundamental mode in multimode fibre. OMPlex future proofs multimode fibre networks without requiring fibre recabling, building works or major service interruptions.







Modular Photonics’ Chief Technical Officer Dr Simon Gross has been honoured as one of the MIT Technology Review EmTech Asia top 10 Innovators Under 35. This award recognises superb technical work which promises to change the world. As an honouree Dr Gross has been invited to present a 3-minute elevator pitch at EmTech Asia in February.

As a finalist Dr Gross also automatically qualifies for the 2017 Global List of the world’s top Innovators Under 35 – of which Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Tesla’s JB Straubel and Google’s Sergey Brin have all been included in previous years.









Modular Photonics will be showcasing their technology at the upcoming Photonics West Exhibition in the Moscone Center, San Francisco. Come along and check out our technology at the North Hall Booth # 4361/4363 from 31 January to 2 February.








Modular Photonics CEO Mick Withford presents an invited talk in Sydney to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s ON Accelerate3 cohort of aspiring Australian entrepreneurs.







Modular Photonics co-founder Dr. Nicolas Riesen is awarded the Australian Optical Society (AOS) Technical Optics Prize for 2016.






Professor Mick Withford will be representing Modular Photonics at the BICSI Regional Event on October 21, 2016 at Lidcombe, NSW.







Please join us in paying tribute to the late Professor John D. Love (1942-2016) at the Photonics and Fibre Technology Conference in Sydney, Australia.
Dr. Nicolas Riesen will give a talk about John’s life and career on 06 September. Professor John Love was instrumental in the founding of Modular Photonics. He will be greatly missed.









Modular Photonics is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Photonics and Fibre Technology Conference (04-08 September) in Sydney, Australia.







Dr. Nicolas Riesen will be presenting our latest research, “Femtosecond Laser Written Integrated Spatial Multiplexers for Few-Mode Multicore Fibre,” at the 42nd European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) which is held during 18-22 September in Düsseldorf, Germany. For further information or to meet Dr. Riesen at ECOC to discuss Modular Photonics products or potential partnerships contact








Dr. Simon Gross will be presenting our latest R&D at the 41st Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT) during 5-8 September at the SMC Conference & Function Centre in Sydney. Please come along to the presentation.







Modular Photonics showcases its mode multiplexers at the CSIRO’s ON Accelerate Demo Night in Sydney, Australia.
On display are our latest rack-based solutions for future proofing the multimode fibre networks in data centres.








Dr. Simon Gross showcases the LPMUX technology at the Innovation Bay’s Deep Tech Angel Dinner in Sydney, Australia.






Come along to our distributor ArchNext’s booth B26 at the Optoelectronics and Communications Conference (OECC) Exhibition at the Toki Messe Niigata Convention Centre, Japan.
The latest LPMUX-3-1550 nm will be on display from 4-6 July.







Our latest developments on ultra-broadband integrated mode multiplexers will be presented at the upcoming 2015 Australian and New Zealand Conference on Optics and Photonics (ANZCOP) in Adelaide, Australia. Dr. Nicolas Riesen will be presenting the paper “Three-dimensional C+L band and EDFA pump band integrated tapered mode couplers,” on Tuesday 01 December at 4:30 pm.










Modular Photonics will be showcasing their latest 3-Core Visible and C+L Band Mode Multiplexer products at the European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-Europe) in Germany. Come visit us at the Laser World of Photonics CUDOS Booth (Hall B3, Booth 518).










The technology behind our ultra-broadband integrated mode multiplexers will be presented at the upcoming 2015 European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-Europe). Dr. Simon Gross will be presenting the paper “Femtosecond laser written integrated passive mode-multiplexers,” on Sunday 21 June at 9:45 am. Presentation: CI-1.5.








At the 2015 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), Professor Mick Withford will be giving an invited presentation addressing some aspects of the technology behind the LPMUX series of mode multiplexers developed by Modular Photonics. Please come along to the talk on Thursday 2:30 PM (ATh3A.2 – 14:30).






The technology used in the Modular Photonics LPMUX3 will be discussed in an upcoming presentation at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) 2015. Feel free to come along to the presentation on Wednesday 25 March (W3B.2 – 14:00).