Modular Photonics has two main product lines. The first product line (OMPlex Series) is catered to future proofing multimode fibre networks whereas the second product line (LPMUX Series) provides mode-selective solutions to the photonics research community, in particular for space-division multiplexing.

Multimode Fibre Upgrade

  • OMPlex: Entry-level retrofit device for achieving single-mode performance across legacy multimode (OM1-4) fibre.
  • OMPlex-R: Rack-based version of OMPlex with up to 48 channels.
  • OMPlex 2M: Latest version of OMPlex which uses two mode-groups as different data channels. This allows for 2x the capacity of single-mode fibre, across legacy multimode (OM1-4) fibre.












Research & Teaching

  • LPMUX3: Ultra-broadband mode-selective mode multiplexer for the LP01, LP11a and LP11b modes of few-mode fibre. Custom wavelengths available.
  • LPMUX6: Mode multiplexer for the LP01, LP11a, LP11b, LP02, LP21a and LP21b  modes. Custom wavelengths available.