Using a state-of-the-art glass micro-chip fabrication platform involving femtosecond laser inscription, Modular Photonics has developed market-leading mode-selective products. These breakthrough devices offer compact ‘plug and play’ solutions to the challenge of addressing different modes in an optical fiber. The technology can be used in applications ranging from data centers to long-haul telecommunications.

The technology is made possible by the three-dimensional capability of the femtosecond laser direct-write technique used. This allows for intricate waveguide arrangements to be realized that would otherwise not be possible using planar technology.

v4The LPMUX Series of mode-multiplexers, for example, offer a cost-effective means of multiplexing/demultiplexing the linearly-polarized (LP) modes of an optical fiber over a broad bandwidth. The mode-multiplexers are both insensitive to fabrication variations and the specific operating wavelength. By arranging multiple couplers in specific configurations several modes can be addressed simultaneously in a single compact glass chip. The entry-level LPMUX3 can be used to convert three LP01 mode inputs from standard SMF28 fibers, into the LP01, LP11a and LP11b modes, respectively, of a commercially-available few-mode fiber. The mode conversion is possible over a broad bandwidth well-beyond the C+L telecomm bands.

Note: Devices operating within custom wavelength ranges can also be ordered (between 600 -1700 nm).

Above: The LPMUX3 spatial mode multiplexer with femtosecond laser inscription of the 3D Photonic Chip shown.