About Us

Modular Photonics Pty Ltd was founded in Sydney, Australia in early 2015 by leading optics and telecommunications researchers Professor Mick Withford, Dr. Simon Gross, Dr. Nicolas Riesen and Professor John D. Love. Modular Photonics now specializes in glass micro-chip fabrication. This technology is used for developing mode-selective solutions for a range of applications. Modular Photonics primarily manufactures passive retrofit devices for future proofing legacy multimode fibre networks within data centres, multi-building campuses etc but also caters to the photonics research community, manufacturing state-of-the-art mode multiplexers for applications such as space-division multiplexing. Modular Photonics is also currently expanding its compact and cost-effective ‘plug-n-play‘ modules to several new markets including fibre security.

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